How to judge the quality of sintered NdFeB magnet?

How to judge the quality of sintered NdFeB magnet?

Sintered ndfeb magnet, as a kind of permanent magnets, because of its cost-effective, widely quoted many fields, such as computer hard drives, magnetic resonance imaging (fmri) permanent magnet motor, electric cars, wind power generation, industry, consumer electronics (CD, DVD, mobile phones, audio, duplicator, scanners, cameras, camera, fridge, TV, air conditioning, etc.) and the magnetic force, magnetic levitation, magnetic mechanical transmission, and other industries. Sintered NdFeB magnet in today's society, bearing the role of one of the important materials to promote the progress of contemporary technology and society.

Since the global industrialization began in 1985, the world's demand for the use of permanent magnets has increased greatly, and the permanent magnet industry has developed vigorously accordingly. With the development of global marketization, magnet manufacturers are increasing, and from the perspective of customers, how to judge the merits and demerits of sintered NdFeB magnets? Here Xiaobian like you to introduce three methods.

Judgment method one: consider from the performance of the magnet
How to ensure the magnetic performance of sintered NdFeB magnet, from the production process of raw materials, manufacturing requirements of enterprises, production technology and magnetic field orientation control. According to the national standard of raw material ingredients to choose raw materials, according to the enterprise manufacturing high-grade or mid-grade or low-grade sintered NdFeB requirements. The advanced production technology of sintered NdFeB magnet determines the performance and quality of the magnet. The most advanced technology produces magnets with higher performance.

Judgment method two: consider from the magnetic field direction orientation of the magnet
In terms of magnetic field orientation, China is the only country in the world that adopts two-step molding. Orientation with low pressure vertical molding, and finally using quasi-isostatic molding, which is one of the most important characteristics of sintered NdFeB industry in China.

Judgment method three: observe from the production process
Monitoring is also very important in the production process. It can be controlled by SC sheet thickness measurement and JM powder particle size distribution. Quality products are dependent on the control of the production process, but customers will be very confused, how to judge the performance of the product I buy? We can use some measuring instruments to measure, to customers to see that the product is up to the national standard requirements. Customers can also according to the magnet parameters BR (remanent magnetism), HCB (coerced force), HCJ (intrinsic coerced force), (BH) MAX (maximum magnetic energy product) to select their own NdFeB brand, according to the need to choose to meet their requirements of the product.

Secondly, the quality of sintered NdFeB magnet can be determined according to the size of the magnet. The shape of NdFeB is made of different shapes according to its different applications. The production process is also through many steps. Therefore, whether a qualified sintered NdFeB magnet, not only need to meet the performance requirements, dimensional tolerance control also directly affects its application. And the size of the guarantee directly depends on the processing strength of the factory.


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