How to judge the quality of sintered NdFeB magnet?

Sintered ndfeb magnet, as a kind of permanent magnets, because of its cost-effective, widely quoted many fields, such as computer hard drives, magnetic resonance imaging (fmri) permanent magnet motor, electric cars, wind power generation, industry, consumer electronics...

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Magnetic properties and applications of ferromagnetic materials

CIron, nickel, cobalt and their alloys can greatly enhance the magnetic field, so they have a wide range of applications in electrical technology. Under the action of the external magnetic field, the molecular currents in ferromagnetic materials can be arranged in the direction of the magnetic field, which is much stronger than the external magnetic field, from the disorganized...

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What is NdFeB magnet?

NdFeB magnet is the strongest permanent magnet material in contemporary magnets. Its BHmax value is 5~12 times that of ferrite magnet, 3~10 times that of Al-Ni-Co magnet, and its coercivity is 5~10 times that of ferrite magnet and 5~15 times that of Al-Ni-Co magnet...

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